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Tags: !icon quest, !icons, !psd, tv: doctor who, tv: legend of the seeker, tv: merlin, tv: the vampire diaries
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may i please have the psd?


September 2 2012, 13:33:23 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 2 2012, 13:33:44 UTC

PLEASE JOIN or WATCH fallshadows
sorry.. :i
have you sent me the dl links for the psd? cause i didn't get it :(
PLEASE JOIN or WATCH fallshadows
sorry.. :i
I love your psd's. Can I have the link? Kiss!
thank you,xoxo :]


September 2 2012, 12:26:57 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 2 2012, 12:28:37 UTC

Your icons are really amazing,can I get the psds links please?
tysm! sent :}
May I get the link? It's awesome!
PLEASE JOIN or WATCH fallshadows
sorry.. :i
I took the elena and caroline icons!
Can I have the GOT psd please?
Thank you so much!
sent! :)
could i please check out the psds?

can i ask what font you used for your charm bard icons? they're fantastic C:
Sent :)
"old english" font dear :)
Oh I really adore that Richard icon. # 5 & 6 as well ♥
thank youu <3
Ohh, wow! May i have links please?:)
Gorgeous icons !
Really like how you work with colours :D
love the blue ones they are so pretty
psds look great link pls&ty:3
These icons are gorgeous. I love the coloring on the Merlin and the Doctor Who ones especially.
Could I please have the link to the PSDs?
Wow, some of these look painted. Amazing! I adore the colors too. <3
The PSDs look lovely, especially the first one. Would you mind sending me the links? :)
love the coloring on the psd's.**
Passi il link?
These are gorgeous! I'm saving a few of the Legend of the Seeker and Merlin ones :)
The icons are beautiful and the psds are even more beautiful! Could I get the link for the GOT psd please?


October 4 2012, 23:21:04 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  October 4 2012, 23:21:18 UTC

I'd love the psd link, please :)
Really inspiring icons. And wow, I love both psd coloring, especially the first one, really bright! May I have the link, please ? ♥
So it's the two good coloring,I want please the link,if possible? please.Thank you!♥.
wonderful color !! I like your icon and psd so much
I so much love your psd's! Can I have the link, please?=)
kickass psd! could i score a link from your talented self? <3
May i have the psd please? :)
Can I have an icon with Tardis plz?
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